Zack Ardis Lim (born February 12, 1994) is a young American actor. He has been acting ever since he was 2 years old.

He is set to play Charlie in Group 4.

Early LifeEdit

Zack was born to Finnick and Fawna Lim in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is the second oldest of four children. He has an older sister, Jaycee and a younger brother and sister Homer and Marie. Zack described his childhood as crazy and that he didn't get enough attention from his parents.


2005 - 2014; Big breakEdit

Zack originally started out as a diaper model for commercials at the age of 2.Soon he stopped modeling because his parents thought he was getting too old for it. He became a small time actor on television shows for kids.Then in 2001 he got a call to be on a television show that lasted for about 12 years. He says it was his most noteworthy role in his resume.

2015; Wiki Channel and ADNEdit

In 2015, he signed to Wiki Channel and After Dark Network. He landed a voice role as Alex in High School Story.

He landed the role as Charlie Munn in the Wiki Channel Original Series, Group 4, one of the most anticipated series on Wiki Channel.

Personal LifeEdit

Zack likes to spend his free time watching home movies and like his sister, Marie reading. He says the sibling he gets along with the most is Marie because him and his other siblings fight way more than they do.



Show Role Notes Year
Man vs. Nature Young Hank Supporting Character 1999
Our Story Craige Shiffler Main Character 2001-2013
High School Story Alex recurring character 2014-present
Group 4 Charlie Munn main cast 2015