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After Dark Network is a fictional broadcasting company that is home to various shows such as Group 4 & One Last Chance. The channel is 24 hour running and airs teen, young adult, and adult programming.

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One Last Chance

One Last Chance focuses on Victor Coleman, a 35 year-old who has the gift to speak to ghosts. After learning that ghosts are forced to leave the world a week after their death, he decides to help them fulfill their last request before they have to leave, with help from his 18 year-old nephew, John.


Group 4


Forced together by a school project, Group 4 focuses on 4 completely different kids have a semester to trust each other enough to give out their biggest secrets. But with these kids, there is a lot more than what lies on the surface. Read more...

Private Eyes

Private Eyes follows an elite force of detectives as they try to solve the crimes lurking beneath the shadows in Chicago. Read more...

On The Road

On The Road follows Victoria Aldrin, a famous singer who's music is taking over the world, her life touring, and all the issues that come with being famous, such as stalking. Read more...

Upcoming Episodes
One Last Chance


Urges is the sixteenth episode of One Last Chance, and the first episode of Season 2. It is scheduled to air on July 18th, 2016. Months after the events on New Year's Eve, Victor has been driven close to insanity as he searches for what happened to Tamra, only hindered by the ghost of Nicholas constantly mocking him. When Gene finally resurfaces, he hopes that she can provide him with some answers, but quickly finds out that they aren't the answers he was hoping for.

Guest Stars: Tate Manning as Nicholas, Marley Michele as Tamra James (archive footage), Peter McAndrews as Andrew, Michael Scarlatti as Officer Kyle Jones (archive footage).

Group 4


Group #4 is the first episode of Season 1 of Group 4. It is currently in production. Four children from the different corners of the school are forced to band together when a semester long group project assigned to them forces them to admit their biggest secrets to each other.

Private Eyes

Cough Syrup is the ninth episode of Private Eyes. It is scheduled to air November 12th.

On the Road