Tate Manning (born March 9th, 1996) is an american actor. He is known for his role as Jimmy Darling on the Fox Show, Freak Show.

Early LifeEdit

Tate was born in Jamestown, Massachusetts to CeCe and Jack Manning. He has had a passion for acting ever since he was young, and he wanted to be an actor professionally when he and his friends did a home made video for a project. His parents, however, said no, and he continued to be in school plays and dramas. When he was 18, he moved out of the house and to LA to pursue an acting career on his own.


2014: Freak ShowEdit

In 2014, Tate landed a role in Freak Show, a series on Fox, which was created by the people who also did American Horror Story. He portrayed Jimmy Darling, a man with lobster hands. The show did not last more then half a season, due to low ratings and terrible reviews. Tate, however, was not let down by this and continued on with his acting career.

2015: ADNEdit

In 2015, Tate decided to join ADN, a new network that is meant for more mature teen and adult shows. He s currently unemployed with them.

Personal LifeEdit

Tate lives in Los Angeles, with his roommate Andrew. He is really into fitness and staying active, and he enjoys working out when he's not busy. He has also done a modeling gig or two, but nothing professional.



Show Role Notes Year
Freak Show Jimmy Darling Main Role 2014