Tara-Jane Martin (born September 4th, 1996), known as TJ Martin, is an American/Irish actress, model, and dancer. She is known for her role as Starfire on Teen Titans.

She is set to play Riley in Group 4.

Early LifeEdit

TJ Martin was born to Allison and Brent Martin in Pleasant Hill, California. She grew up in Pleasant Hill, and was very into theater when she was younger, starring in very many plays and a;ways wanting to do an acting or video project for school. She confronted her parents about acting one day, but they told her it was a pointless dream, so she gave it up. However, KKT Talent Search came to her school and was looking for the top 5 actors there, and she was #2. She moved down to Los Angeles with her 21 year old brother after that, and started to act under KKT.


2011-2014: Teen TitansEdit

She started with KKT, and under them she and the other five actors from their school were set to be the lads in an NBC drama based on the hit anime/cartoon, Teen Titans. Because of her notable red hair, she was set to play Starfire, the gullible but loveable red haired alien with super strength and star bullets. Everyone loved the series, and even preferred it over the Cartoon Network Spinoff.

In between seasons of Teen Titans, Martin was asked to star in Arranging Fate, a movie about two people from rivaling gangs who manage to fall in love with each other. She starred as Mailia, along with Samuel Eman as Richard, who were the two people in love. The movie was a huge success, and a sequel was put in order, but never green lighted.

In late 2014, the show was cancelled due to interference with the Cartoon Network Series, Teen Titans Go!

2015: Wiki Channel/ADNEdit

After her character death, Martin was dropped from KKT. She managed to find new management with a Wiki Channel producer, and agreed to be a part of their channel. She auditioned for an upcoming superhero show, NCFA Academy, about superhero's in training. She got the role. She later signed on to a Network, the After Dark Network, and plans to work with both.

She is set to play Riley Dawson in the After Dark Network Original Series, Group 4, which is one of the most anticipated series on the channel.

Personal LifeEdit

Martin lives in Los Angeles, California, with her brother who is currently employed. She enjoys acting and writing, and has a hidden passion for fashion. She is currently in a relationship with Eli Sawrd, but they have not talked to each other in a long time, so it is believed that they have broken up.



Show Role Notes Year
Teen Titans Starfire Main Role 2011-2014
Group 4 Riley Dawson Main Role 2015


Movie/Film Role Notes Year
Arranging Fate Mailia Main Role 2012