On The Road is an upcoming drama coming to the After Dark Network, starring Charlotte Mason as Victoria Aldrin, a singer taking the world by storm.

Premise Edit

The series follows Victoria Aldrin, a famous singer who's music is taking over the world, her life touring, and all the issues that come with being famous, such as stalking.

Cast Edit

Charlotte Mason as Victoria Aldrin: Victoria Aldrin is a 22 year old famous singer from New York City. She is currently in a relationship with actor Patrick Aldrin, but their relationship is estranged due to schedule conflicts, but she tries her hardest for them to communicate. Victoria is a very sweet girl (But very sarcastic) and wickedly talented, and she cares deeply for everyone close to her.

Amanda Sanders as Diane Pritchett: Diane is Victoria's close friend and she accompanies her on tour. She's a fashion blogger, and she was taken away from her biological family when she was three, and she was adopted by a married couple, but they got divorced shortly after due to her adoptive mother having an affair, and she spent the rest of her life until she went off to college living with a single father, who she loves more than anything. Unlike Victoria, Diane's a bit rude and controlling, but she cares deeply for Victoria, and she considers her to be the sister that she never had.

Tate Manning as Liam Ericson: Liam is a famous actor, and the boyfriend of Victoria. Though their relationship is troubled, he says that he truly loves Victoria, but at some point in the first season, it is revealed that he has cheated on her with an actress that he was working with on a movie. Patrick is usually nice to all people, but is known to snap at the paparazzi.

Dallon Foster as Patrick Shipman: Patrick Shipman is a good friend of Victoria, and they have been close friends since high school. Liam really can't stand him because he thinks that Patrick has a thing for Victoria, which is true, though. But most people already know that he likes her (Except for himself and Victoria). But anyway, Patrick is a really shy guy, but he wants to become a famous singer, so he posts a ton of covers on YouTube. No one watches them, but he tries.

Rebecca Harlock as Melissa Jennings: Melissa is Victoria's manager, and she's beyond strict with her and tries to take control of everything (including things that should be Victoria's decision), but Victoria still manages to love her, despite making a bunch of remarks (jokingly) about how she should fire her manager.

Jess Woodworth as Sarah Aldrin: Sarah is the younger sister of Victoria, and half of her appearences are via skype. Sarah is a college student studying at Duke University. Like Victoria, she's very intelligent and sweet, and she tries to visit Victoria whenever she can.