Meghan Forman
Biographical Info
Full Name Meghan Jessica Forman
Age 38
Gender Female
Date of Birth 1-31-77
Hometown New York City, New York
Professional Info
Alias Meghan Forman
Manager DancingAlone
Years Active 2010-Present
Fan Group Formans
A.D Network Info
A.D Network Rank Newcomer
A.D Network Shows Private Eyes
A.D Network Movies None
Personal Info
Relationships None
Siblings None
Preferred Genre Mystery, Crime
Preferred Filmography Feature Films, Shows
Meghan Forman is an american actress pursuing a career with The After Dark Network. It was revealed that she will be playing Miranda in After Dark's newest crime series, Private Eyes.

Early LifeEdit

Meghan was born on January 31, 1977 to Trent & Shayla Forman. At age 13, Meghan started showing signs of her being interested in acting. At age 16, she auditioned for many commercials, which she got most of the parts in. And at age 18, she went to a Performing Arts college to study acting even more.

She decided to sign to the After Dark Network to settle down and start acting.


Through ages 16-18, she was features in many commercials for local businesses in New York.

At age 18, she attended a Performing Arts college to study acting. 

She signed to The After Dark Network on May 29th. She is going to be playing Miranda in After Dark's newest crime series, Private Eyes.


Shows: A.D NetworkEdit

Name Role
Private Eyes Miranda

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