Marley Michele (born January 21, 1996) is an American actress and singer, probably best known for her hit music series "The Aca Girls" which aired on the Wiki Channel from December 2013 to March 2014.

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Early Life Edit

Marley Kay Michele was born on January 21, 1996 in Chicago, Illinois. When Marley was six, her and her family moved to New York until Marley was 14. They moved back to Chicago at the time. Marley has two siblings, Jaylee (21) and Melissa (24).

Career Edit

Broadway Edit

Marley first started acting when she was ten. She auditioned for the role as Annie in the broadway musical, "Annie". Marley got the part and her career took off from there. Whenever her family moved back to Chicago, Marley did some plays for her community theater group.

The Aca- Girls and The Wiki Channel Edit

When Marley was sixteen, she starred in her school's play as Sandy from "Grease". At the performance, the casting directer from the Wiki Channel was there. The director was able to convince Marley to audition for a role in her new show, "The Aca-Girls". Marley ended up trying out and she got the part as Marley King.

Return to the Wiki Channel Edit

After leaving the Wiki Channel due to family reasons, Marley Michele made a return in April 2015 and was cast in an upcoming movie, Welcome to New York.

Other NetworksEdit

Marley was signed to the After Dark Network on May 28, 2015.