This page is a list of the look-a-likes in use on the wiki! This page will help us keep track of the look-a-likes so none will end up being reused.

Look-A-Like Actor
Alexandra Park Quinn Rosewood
Anna Kendrick Cheyenne Sawyer
Bianca Santos Mia Rodriquez
Cote de Pablo Maria de Fernandez
Dean Geyer Finn Hardiman
Demetrious Joyette Dallas Smith
Emma Watson Emma Griswald
Evan Peters Tate Manning
Holland Roden TJ Martin
Keegan Allen Howard Kutcher
Kerry Washington Meghan Forman
Kevin Chamberlin Carl Lucas
Lily Collins Amanda Sanders
Logan Lerman Zack Lim
Sergio Di Zio Michael Scarlatti
Laura Spencer Grace Barnes
Marina Diamandis Lacy Saxton
Matthew Gray Gubler Marcus Gray
Melissa Benoist Marley Michele
Nick Jonas James Alexander
Taissa Farmiga Samantha Fray
Tinashe Chantelle
Troye Sivan James Lucas
William Moseley Jacob Knight

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