James Lucas (born October 22nd, 1997) is an British/Australian actor. He is known for his roles as Spud in all three Spud movies.

He is set to play Alex in Group 4.

Early LifeEdit

James was born in Sydney, Australia, to Annie and Shawn Lucas. He has been a singer and actor and all around performer since a young age, and he would always want to perform in front of his family. He started taking acting classes at 13, and by the time he was 15, he knew he wanted to be professional.


2011 - 2014: Spud MoviesEdit

In 2011, James signed a contract with Australian networks to be in a 3 movie contract for a trilogy, Spud. He played Spud, a high school kid who was struggling with girl problems. The movies were a huge hit in Australia, but he wanted to move somewhere where he could further advance his career, so he and his family moved out to Los Angeles.

2015: Joining ADNEdit

In 2015, he joined the newly formed After Dark Network. He is currently unemployed with the channel, but there is a few roles he is looking at.

He is set to play Alex Kemp in the After Dark Network Original Series, Group 4, which is one of the most anticipated series on the channel.

Personal LifeEdit

James lives in Los Angeles, California, with his parents and siblings. He enjoys songwriting and music, and hopes to start singing soon.



Show Role Notes Year
Group 4 Alex Kemp Main Role 2015


Movie/Film Role Notes Year
Spud Spud Main Role 2012
Spud 2 Spud Main Role 2013
Spud 3 Spud Main Role 2015