James Alexander
Biographical Info
Full Name James Andrew Jackson Alexander
Age 22
Gender Male
Date of Birth July 21, 1993
Hometown Dallas, Texas
Professional Info
Alias James Alexander
Manager Cool kids 2014
Years Active 2007-Present
A.D Network Info
A.D Network Rank Newcomer
A.D Network Shows One Last Chance
A.D Network Movies None
Personal Info
Relationships None
Siblings 3
Preferred Genre Mystery, Crime, Comedy
Preferred Filmography Feature Films, Shows

James Alexander (July 21, 1993) is an american singer/songwriter/actor. His best known role is Nate in the DCOM Camp Rock.

Early LifeEdit

James Alexander was born on July 21, 1993 to Denise and Paul Alexander. He has two younger brothers and one older sister.


In 2015 James got signed to Press Play Records and now he is pursuing a careeer with After Dark Network.

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