Group 4
Format Drama/Comedy
Created by Silly1!
Starring TBA
Opening theme "Midnight City" by M83
Composer(s) M83
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes TBA
Location(s) Hollywood Center Studios Los Angeles, California
(taping location)
Camera setup Videotape (filmized);
Running time 22-24 minutes
After Dark Network Productions
Original channel After Dark Netowrk
Picture format 480i (SDTV)
720p (HDTV)
Original run TBA – TBA
Status In production
Group 4 is one of the new series on After Dark Network. It is set to air sometime in late 2015. The initial tile was Real, but changed to Group 4 at the pilot stage because the creator, Silly1! stated that she believed Group 4 "fit the series better". On Friday, October 23, the first of the five leading teasers released, titled the Blood teaser.


Forced together by a school project, 4 completely different kids have a semester to trust each other enough to give out their biggest secrets. But with these kids, there is a lot more than what lies on the surface.


The series focuses on four different people from the four corners of the school, and they all have different cliques and are completely different people. Charlie is the jock that everyone thinks is to full of himself, Becca is the Rebel Outcast who everyone is too afraid to befriend, Riley is the Queen Bee who everyone thinks is sleeping with every guy, and Alex is the smartest kid who everyone thinks is to obsessed with the fact that he is smarter and richer then everyone else to make many friends. However, they say that you should never judge a book by its cover, and for these four kids, is especially true.


Charlie is a part of a gang. He was born into it, and the only thing that is keeping him there is that the life of his little brother, Teddy, is on the line. He has seen the unseen, and has to go to school the next day like he lives a normal life. Becca is suffering from Clinical Depression, and shes had it ever sense her mom left her and her dad. She is cold and dark and shuts people put because of it, she cannot let anyone know. Riley does drugs to numb the pain, and usually ends up herself too drunk or high to even know what shes doing. She usually wakes up in a new bed every other night. Alex is an in the closet gay, which is not bad, unless your mom and dad are extremely rich homophobic people who would not hesitate to kick Alex out of there is something wrong with him. He has to even bring girls home to convince his family that he is straight.

In Mrs. Carroll's English class, the class is put in groups where they have all quarter to answer one question: there biggest secret. Mrs. Carroll does not require homework, research, or even any classwork, they must just be with their group and get to know each other well enough to be able to tell each other anything, and Charlie, Becca, Riley, and Alex are put together.

They cant stand each other at first, they hate every fiber and being of each other. But as they get closer, band together with the forcefull nature of Mrs. Carroll, they find out that they shouldn't hate each other for having what they want, but should come together, bonding over the things that they do not have.


Main CharactersEdit

  • Charlie Munn (portrayed by Zack Lim) - Charlie is an all star athlete and only keeps up passing grades to stay on the track team. He is good looking, and you often see the girls who hang out with Riley flaunt over him, although shes not really into him. Hes kind of a jerk to everyone in the school, and is on Carter's side when he provokes Becca to punch him. He is in a gang, Northshore, which is run by Evergreen, a man he despises. He tries to keep his gang life a secret from the people at school, but that isnt as easy as it sounds. He has a little brother, Teddy, that he would do anything for, including murdering someone. He's a flirt, and all though he has a girlfriend, doesn't mind a flirt or two with another girl.
  • Becca Boyd (portrayed by Samantha Fray) - Becca is a all black rebel girl who does what she wants, when she wants it. She is known for walking out of class when she wants, flipping off the principal, and there is even a rumor going around that she is illegally prize fighting. She however, suffers from Clinical Depression (she cuts herself) and it started after her mom, the only person she ever got close to, left her and her dad. She is cold and dark, and keeps to herself so no one finds out. Becca loves to draw the world around her, to captue the pretty and ugly moments in it. She liked to capture the limited happiness in the world, so she tends to draw in a notebook quite often.
  • Riley Dawson (portrayed by TJ Martin) - Riley is second in command to the girl who runs the school. Riley tries to make herself seem expensive and snotty, but she lives with a single mother who is always either drunk or crying over her father's ashes. She often gets drugs from a guy named Howard, who is also known for gang trouble. She often is at Club 8 (the only one that serves alcohol to someone under 21) and she is known for always having one night stands.
  • Alex Kemp (portrayed by James Lucas) - Alex is an extremely smart kid who comes from an extremely strict, sophisticated family. He is gay, but hides it from everyone, especially in his family, the most homophobic and unforgiving people he knows.. He is extremely smart, but isn't like a geek, and he wont spend all of his time in front of a computer screen gaming, instead he uses his smarts for engineering and mechanical building. He also has a small crush on 25 year old teacher, Mr. Klark. He writes music with dark and gay themes, and he tends to keep the book hidden from everyone.

Supporting CharactersEdit

  • Mrs. Carroll (portrayed by Ashley Judd) - Alex, Riley, Becca, and Charlie's English teacher. A smart woman with a huge smile, Mrs. Carroll has a firm belief that students always make the best of lifer in a trusting environment, so she assigns a trust activity project to her students each year. She is nice, but very strict. She is described as a sweet lady with an iron fist.
  • Anya Day (portrayed by Marley Michele) - Anya is the queen bee, and you either hate her or want to be her. She is beautiful, a little dim-witted, and voted "Most Likely To Become a Hollywood Star" in their class favorites every single year, even though they were only for upperclassmen. Like everyone, she has secrets, and no one knows that she has to give herself up just to have enough money to support herself.
  • Howard White (portrayed by Dallas Smith) - Howard is a fellow gang member and track runner to Charlie. He is a drug dealer, Riley's dealer. He tends to pay attention to everyone in school, and knows their inner demons, but cannot seem to figure Becca out, especially with the walls around her heart.
  • Mr. Klark (portrayed by Axel Jenkins) - Mr. Klark is a 25 year old teacher that makes all the girls and Alex obsessed with his looks. He is a P.E. teacher, and although he's got good looks and a good body, he is very self-conscious. He is a bisexual man, and is instantly attracted to Ex, even though he manages to keep himself under raps.
  • Teddy Munn - Teddy is Charlie's younger brother. Charlie's mom died giving birth to him, and he tends to blame himself for his death. He is a smart young kid, and has been described as wise beyond his years. He hate stars his brother has to deal with all the gang drama, but he knew if he quit, he would put the two of them in bigger danger.
  • Alice Avrogopolis - Alice's is the Kemp's housemaid, but she is mostly close to Alex. She is the only other person who knows his true sexuality, and helps him to keep it a secret from her masters. She is old and often overworked, but she puts up with it.
  • Carter Greenwood (portrayed by James Alexander) - Greenwood's son and leader of the main group of four from the gang (Charlie, Howard, Spike). He attends the high school with the rest of the boys, and is known for his good looks, mostly. He suffers from MPD (multiple personality disorder) and can very from time to time with little to no control
  • Greenwood - Greenwood is the leader and runner of all things in the gang. He tends to be rude, analyzing, and doesn't like to negotiate anything unless he can get a profit out of him. He has been described as a big man with a tiny heart.
  • Scar (portrayed by unrevealed actor) - An anonymous identity that is the fourth and final member of the teen group in the greenwood gang. He wears a gray ski mask and never talks, so you have no clue who he is.
  • Oliver Manning (portrayed by Cameron Freed) - Oliver is Alex's best friend and a fellow nerd at the school. He's awkward, clumsy, and an all around nervous guy, and is described as being afraid of "pretty girls and making conversations."
  • Daniella Sherman (portrayed by Jess Woodworth) - The server at popular club 8 and the third addition to the main 3 trio. She is smart and underlining, and unlike the two of them, she doesn't obsess over looks as much. She seems to be very secretive, and knows a lot more about North Valley's than most.
  • Sargent Boyd - Sargent Boyd is Becca's dad, and is the main officer who is tracking down the Greenwood gang, and would do anything to get to them. However, little does he know, the information he needs, his daughter is finding out.

Series OverviewEdit

Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Season premiere Season finale
1 18 November 20th, 2015



Season 1Edit

The series was picked up for a first season on July 22nd, 2015.


Title Written by Directed by Original air date Prod.

U.S. Ratings (in Millions)

1 1 "Group #4 " Silly1! Silly1! November 20th, 2015 101
Four children from the different corners of the school are forced to band together when a semester long group project assigned to them forces them to admit their biggest secrets to each other.
2 2 "The Dark Room " Silly1! Silly1! 2015 102
The four are forced to be contained with just each other in the old photography dark room as Mrs. Carroll's effort to bond them together.
3 3 "Major Minorities " Silly1! Silly1! 2015 103
Riley, Charlie, Becca, and Alex never intended the project to branch outside of the classroom, but they find themselves slowly creeping into each others lives.
4 4 "A Wanna-Be Breakfast Club " Silly1! Silly1! 2015 104