Dallon Foster is an American singer, songwriter, and actor best known for his work outside of ADN.

Dallon Foster
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Biographical Info
Full Name Dallon James Foster
Age 22
Gender Male
Date of Birth September 24, 1993
Hometown Chicago, Illinois
Professional Info
Manager LovingTheBeatles
Years Active 2011-Present
A.D Network Info
A.D Network Shows Working in Progress
A.D Network Movies Working in Progress
Personal Info
Relationships Unknown.
Siblings Unknown.
Preferred Genre None.
Preferred Filmography None.

Early Life Edit

Dallon Foster was born on September 24, 1993 to Jack and Jen Foster in Chicago Illinois. He has a younger sister, Rose. His father walked out on his family shortly after the Rose's birth, and according to Dallon in an interview, he hasn't contacted his father since then.

Career Edit

Dallon was cast as Patrick in the Youngblood Chronicles, which was a television series that ran from 2010-2015. A few months after the show ended, Dallon was signed to the After Dark Network.