In the year of 2008, Violette Fitzgerald was eleven years old, and very curious. She would always wonder what was behind the woods that her mom never let her go into. So, one day, she went in, and was bitten by a wolf.

Now, Violette is eighteen, alive, and well. She has been waiting for two years for the special letter. And, she finally got it. She received the letter that confirmed that she was accepted into Full Moon Academy, one of the most pristine schools in the country!

But what she doesn't know is that the school was built specifically for the "werewolf" kind, to protect them. She's attending a school filled with werewolves.


Main Characters:

  • Violette Fitzgerald: Violette Fitzgerald is a main character on Full Moon Academy. She was bitten by a wolf when she was eleven. When she was 16, she sent in an application to "Full Moon Academy", and when she was 18, she was accepted. But, she isn't aware that the school is for werewolves.
    • Traits: Violette is smart, like, really smart. And, she also is very gulluble and kind. But, she isn't afraid to a speak her mind when needed. She also has very artistic mind. 
    • Appearance: Violette is supposed to have brown hair, and look like an average 18-year-old. Her wolf form has brown fur.
  • Wesley Gordon: Wesley Gordon is another main character on Full Moon Academy. He is a natural born werewolf, and was shipped to Full Moon Academy when he was 15. Wesley is part of "The Double Ws", which I will get to later.
    • Traits: Wesley is another smart guy, and, can be very secretive and mysterious at times. But, that's seriously only because he's a "Double W". He is directed toward literature and poetry, instead of art.
    • Appearance: Wesley is supposed to look secretive, and mysterious, as I stated before. His hair is supposed to be brown, almost black. His wolf form has brown fur.
  • Jack Andrews: Jack Andrews is a nightling, meaning that he was bitten, not born a werewolf, and he is a newcomer to the werewolf pack. Jack is also apart of "The Double Ws", and although he is a jokester, he knows a lot of things about his kind.
    • Traits: Jack is like the "Dez" and the "Rory" in the group, he is always not-serious, and a jokester. He isn't really directed toward any subject. He also is the only person who can decode secret messages, that being because he was raised by his grandma.
    • Appearance: Jack is supposed to have red hair, and look really weak. His wolf-form has red fur.
  • Jackie Andrews: Jackie is Jack's twin sister, and also is a nightling. She is one of the head leaders of "The Double Ws", along with Shayla & Christopher, but I'll get to them later. Jackie has been apart of the academy since she was 15.
    • Traits: Jackie has that "I don't care about anything" attitude towards everything. Kind of like Briannna from BAS. She is also very independent, but cares deeply about everyone.
    • Appearance: Jackie is meant to look very "rebel-y", and of course, the red hair. Her wolf form has red fur.

The Double-Ws:

  • Shayla Reign: Shayla Reign is the leader of her wolf pack, The Double Ws. She is a natural born werewolf, and has been attending the academy since she was 14. She co-owns the pack with Christopher & Jackie.
    • Traits: Shayla is very independent, and  has a lot of anger issues. She is also very heartless and cold.
    • Appearance: Shayla has blonde hair, and her werewolf form has white fur. She looks very "rebel-y" like Jackie.
  • Christopher Hochlin: Christopher Hochlin is a co-leader on The Double Ws. He is a nightling, but never told that to any of wolf members. Christopher's parents shipped him to Full Moon Academy, not knowing it is a werewolf school, when he was 16.
    • Traits: Christopher is heartless, like Shayla, and only cares about how much power he gets and himself. He, unlike the others, is very snobby, only because he grew up in a snobby household.
    • Appearance: Christopher looks very formal, and sophisticated. His werewolf form makes him look like a grey wolf, because his hair is a mix of brown and black.