Alright peeps, I'm casting for my first ever series on this network! information on what the series is about is here!

  • Becca Boyd
    • Physical Description: Actor must look like they can be a teenager.
    • Character Description: Becca is a all black rebel girl who does what she wants, when she wants it. She is known for walking out of class when she wants, flipping off the principal, and there is even a rumor going around that she is illegally prize fighting. She however, suffers from Clinical Depression (she cuts herself) and it started after her mom, the only person she ever got close to, left her and her dad. She is cold and dark, and keeps to herself so no one finds out.
    • Notes: She needs to be a tough girl, she doesn't exactly have to look like it though, she just can't look overly peppy or anything.
  • Riley Dawson
    • Physical Description: Actor must look like a teenager.
    • Character Description: Riley is second in command to the girl who runs the school. Riley tries to make herself seem expensive and snotty, but she lives with a single mother who is always either drunk or crying over her father's ashes. She often gets drugs from a guy named Howard, who is also known for gang trouble. She often is at Club 8 (the only one that serves alcohol to someone under 21) and she is known for always having one night stands.
    • Notes: She has to look like a generally positive person, and she has to have streaking confidence.
  • Anya Day
    • Physical Description: Actor must look like a teenager.
    • Character Description: Anya is the queen bee, and you either hate her or want to be her. She is beautiful, a little dim-witted, and voted "Most Likely To Become a Hollywood Star" in their class favorites every single year, even though they were only for upperclassmen. Like everyone, she has secrets, and no one knows that she has to give herself up just to have enough money to support herself.
    • Notes: Anya must look like a confident person, like Riley, but she looks a lot less happy then her.
  • Destiny Carroll (Mrs. Carroll)
    • Physical Description:An older woman. Anywhere between late 30's and early 50's.
    • Character Description: Alex, Riley, Becca, and Charlie's English teacher. A smart woman with a huge smile, Mrs. Carroll has a firm belief that students always make the best of lifer in a trusting environment, so she assigns a trust activity project to her students each year. She is nice, but very strict. She is described as a sweet lady with an iron fist.
    • Notes: Everything is said above :).

So ya! Sign up your actors!