(Omg, I think the show name is actually going to be "Unnamed". xD)

PLOT: Kim Granite is a 23 year old that hasn't been to college. She has a boyfriend, which has been her boyfriend for a year now. But, on their one year anniversary, her boyfriend kicks her to the cyurb for not getting herself together and finish college. Now, she doesn't have anywhere to go. She decides to move to the closest city she could go to, and gets her life together by finishing college. 

The show basically follows Kim's life during college. I'm going kind of with a "New Girl" (the show) type of vibe, and an Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt vibe. :p


  • Kim Granite: Kim is a twenty-three year old who hasn't started college. She is perky, funny, and awkward. After her boyfriend dumps her on their one year anniversary, she decides to get her life together and start college.
  • Brandon Griffin: Brandon is Kim's new best friend at college. He is a nerdy-jock, who would do anything for a friend. Brandon becomes Kim's friend when they are paired up as roommates. He is 22.
  • Florence Love: Florence is Kim's rival, who makes fun of her for being 23 and still not finishing college. She is 20, pretty, and stuck up. Florence is usually very mean, but has some moments where she is nice.