My series was recently approved, so here is the list of characters you can audition your actors for!

Ophelia Bryant- Ophelia Bryant is a 24 year old detective living in Chicago. Her partner is Elise Cannon. Ophelia is kind of sarcastic, bitter, and tough as nails, which makes her a good detective. She seems a bit cold and heartless, but very emotional due to an incident that happened when she was a teen.

Elise Cannon- Elise Cannon is a 24 year old detective and Ophelia's partner. Elise seems like a kind hearted person, but she will always be rude and demanding when it comes to her job. At the start of the series, Elise tries really hard to become Ophelia's friend, which always ends up with Ophelia, which always ended up with Ophelia making harsh comments. However, the two eventually become close friends.

Jeffrey Danes- Jeffery Danes is the captain of the detective unit. He is tough on works with, but he always seems to look out for them. I picture him to be abou 35-40, so.. yeah.

James McCarter- James McCarter is a 26 year old detective. He has this joking attitude and tries making jokies about everything, which annoys Ophelia (and basically everyone), and he often insults the girls, especially whenever they do something wrong.

Miranda Holland- Miranda Holland is James's partner. She is 30 years old, and often tries to take over on everything. James happens to be very afraid of her, even though they have to work together. She often tries to take cases from Ophelia and Elise, which annoys basically everyone. However, Miranda does have some moments where she's very kind.

Janice Greene- Janice is the medical exaimer at the lab. She's about 40. She is kind to everyone there, and Ophelia sees her as the mother she never had.