Hey guys! So this is the series on TJ Martin's character page on Wiki Channel Wiki, but I want to pitch it as a series I can make myself. If this does end up being picked up, I will change the series on TJ's page.

So basically the series focuses on four different people from the four corners of the school, and they all have different cliques and are completely different people. Charlie is the jock that everyone thinks is to full of himself, Becca is the Rebel Outcast who everyone is too afraid to befriend, Riley is the Queen Bee who everyone thinks is sleeping with every guy, and Alex is the smartest kid who everyone thinks is to obsessed with the fact that he is smarter and richer then everyone else to make many friends. However, they say that you should never judge a book by its cover, and for these four kids, is especially true.

Charlie is a part of a gang. He was born into it, and the only thing that is keeping him there is that the life of his little brother, Teddy, is on the line. He has seen the unseen, and has to go to school the next day like he lives a normal life. Becca is suffering from Clinical Depression, and shes had it ever sense her mom left her and her dad. She is cold and dark and shuts people put because of it, she cannot let anyone know. Riley does drugs to numb the pain, and usually ends up herself too drunk or high to even know what shes doing. She usually wakes up in a new bed every other night. Alex is an in the closet gay, which is not bad, unless your mom and dad live and breath Christianity, and wouldn't even sin for their son. He has to even bring girls home to convince his family that he is straight.

In Mrs. Carroll's English class, the class is put in groups where they have all quarter to answer one question: there biggest secret. Mrs. Carroll does not require homework, research, or even any classwork, they must just be with their group and get to know each other well enough to be able to tell each other anything, and Charlie, Becca, Riley, and Alex are put together.

They cant stand each other at first, they hate every fiber and being of each other. But as they get closer, band together with the forcefull nature of Mrs. Carroll, they find out that they shouldn't hate each other for having what they want, but should come together, bonding over the things that they do not have.


  • Charlie Munn - Charlie is an all star athlete and only keeps up passing grades to stay on the track team. He is good looking, and you often see the girls who hang out with Becca flaunt over him, although shes not really into him. Hes kind of a jerk to everyone in the school, and is on Carter's side when he provokes Becca to punch him. He is in a gang, Northshore, which is run by Evergreen, a man he despises. He tries to keep his gang life a secret from the people at school, but that isnt as easy as it sounds. He has a little brother, Teddy, that he would do anything for, including murdering someone.
  • Becca Boyd - Becca is a all black rebel girl who does what she wants, when she wants it. She is known for walking out of class when she wants, flipping off the principal, and there is even a rumor going around that she is illegally prize fighting. She however, suffers from Clinical Depression (she cuts herself) and it started after her mom, the only person she ever got close to, left her and her dad. She is cold and dark, and keeps to herself so no one finds out.
  • Riley Dawson - Riley is second in command to the girl who runs the school. Riley tries to make herself seem expensive and snotty, but she lives with a single mother who is always either drunk or crying over her father's ashes. She often gets drugs from a guy named Howard, who is also known for gang trouble. She often is at Club 8 (the only one that serves alcohol to someone under 21) and she is known for always having one night stands.
  • Alex Kemp - Alex is an extremely smart kid who comes from an extremely strict Christian family. He believes in God, but starts doubting his faith once he discovers that he is gay. He tries to hide it, but it is extremely hard, especially in his family. He is extremely smart, but isn't like a geek, and he wont spend all of his time in front of a computer screen gaming, instead he uses his smarts for engineering and mechanical building. He also has a small crush on 25 year old teacher, Mr. Klark.

Thats that! Ill add supporting later on but I wanna know your opinions on this now. :p