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Getting Rid of the Label

ok so
i wanna get rid of the label
because i kind of think it's a little unnecessary? even if i came up with it. anyway -- i think adn should only focus on like shows and movies and stuff like that and bringing music into it wouldnt make much sense
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James Alexander- Levels

Hey guys here's James's third single hope you enjoy it:
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James Alexander - Chains

Hey guys so here's James Alexander's second single. Link:
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Elisa Reyes: Summertime Sadness

Pff. Well of course I'm gonna pick Summertime Sadness. :P
Okay, so, im here to pitch Elisa's debut single, "Summertime Sadness" by her Look-a-Like, "Lana Del Rey"! What do you think?
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Singer: Elisa Reyes

Name: Elisa Reyes
Gender: Female
Birthday/Age: June 21, 1985 (age 30)
Description: Elisa Reyes is an American singer and songwriter.
Look-A-Like: Lana Del Rey
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FMA Theme Song & Stuff.

I need help with picking a theme song for FMA.
So. Like, yeah. xD
I was thinking of maybe Good Ol' Fashion Nightmare by Matt and Kim but the song is upbeat and stuff so I don't think it'll fit. >_<
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Homewrecker-Lacy Saxton

Hello! I am here to pitch Lacy Saxton's first single, Homewrecker! It's by her look-a-like, Marina and the Diamonds, and you can listen to it here!
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Anthony Banner's First Single - Beautiful Soul

I'm here to pitch Anthony's first single with Press Play! :D
I'm aware that Luke Benward has songs of his own but... the only good ones are duets, so...
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James Alexander: Jealous

Hey guys so I'm here to pitch James Alexander's first single so here's the link:
I hope you guys like it tell me what you think?
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Singer/Actor: James Alexander

Name: James Alexander

Birthday/Age: July 21, 1993, 21 years old
Genre: Pop, R&B
Look-A-Like: Nick Jonas
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Singer: Lacy Saxton

I'm here with the first artist for the label!
Name: Lacy Saxton
Birthday/Age: 2/12/93 (Age 22)
Genre: indie pop, I guess..
Look-A-Like: Marina and the Diamonds
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Introducing "Midnight Media Management"!

"Midnight Media Management" is After Dark Network's first record label. It accepts many genres, many if which include Rock, Alternative, Indie Pop, and of course Pop. It was founded on June 25th, 2015, and is currently open for signings!
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