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OLC - More Roles

Okay I have more roles to cast! Yay!
The first one is one that's already appeared that it occurs to me I never cast. He's Mr. James (idk what his name is yet or if it'll ever be revealed), the father of Thomas and Tamra. So he should look like Marley Michele and James Alexander, and kind of old (he's the father of an 18 year old and a 16 year old, so somewhere in his mid 40s to early 50s). He's also one of the antagonists and is very important in the two-parter that aired last week, and in the climax of the season. Unlike the other antagonists though, he probably won't make it into the possible Season 2. (Dun dun dunnnnnn...)
The second one is Alyssa, who will be debuting in "Return" on the 16th. She's John's crush and, eventually, girlfriend. She's not as important as the previous roles I've cast, but she's very important to John's development going into the second season. She's rich and very beautiful, but also secretly very smart, despite acting dumb (I would love a blonde for this role). She should be around 18, the same age as Anthony Banner, since they're playing love interests.
The third role is Nicholas. I'm not sure how much of this role I want to tell you guys about, but let's just say he has a hugely important role to the backstory of the show, but we won't find out about it for awhile. He's a lot like Victor and some physical resemblances would be excellent. I don't have an exact age nailed down for him for... reasons, so just sign up some male actors for him. (Also, I suggest looking up "Coleman" if you're curious about his name.)
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I am here to post my casting call for the my new show on here, On the Road! Read more about it here!
Victoria Aldrin: Victoria Aldrin is a 22 year old famous singer from New York City. She is currently in a relationship with actor Patrick Aldrin, but their relationship is estranged due to schedule conflicts, but she tries her hardest for them to communicate. Victoria is a very sweet girl (But very sarcastic) and wickedly talented, and she cares deeply for everyone close to her.  

Diane Pritchett: Diane is Victoria's close friend and she accompanies her on tour. She's a fashion blogger, and she was taken away from her biological family when she was three, and she was adopted by a married couple, but they got divorced shortly after due to her adoptive mother having an affair, and she spent the rest of her life until she went off to college living with a single father, who she loves more than anything. Unlike Victoria, Diane's a bit rude and controlling, but she cares deeply for Victoria, and she considers her to be the sister that she never had
Melissa Jennings- Melissa is Victoria's manager, and she's beyond strict with her and tries to take control of everything (including things that should be Victoria's decision), but Victoria still manages to love her, despite making a bunch of remarks (jokingly) about how she should fire her manager.
Sarah Aldrin- Sarah is the younger sister of Victoria, and half of her appearences are via skype. Sarah is a college student studying at Duke University. Like Victoria, she's very intelligent and sweet, and she tries to visit Victoria whenever she can.
Liam Ericson: Liam is a famous actor, and the boyfriend of Victoria. Though their relationship is troubled, he says that he truly loves Victoria, but at some point in the first season, it is revealed that he has cheated on her with an actress that he was working with on a movie. Patrick is usually nice to all people, but is known to snap at the paparazzi.
Patrick Shipman- Patrick Shipman is a good friend of Victoria, and they have been close friends since high school. Liam really can't stand him because he thinks that Patrick has a thing for Victoria, which is true, though. But most people already know that he likes her (Except for himself and Victoria). But anyway, Patrick is a really shy guy, but he wants to become a famous singer, so he posts a ton of covers on YouTube. No one watches them, but he tries. Anyway, Patrick is extremely sweet, and sometimes willing to stand up for his friends
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Full Moon Academy | MALE CASTING CALL

To read the synopsis, click here!

Wesley Gordon: Wesley Gordon is another main character on Full Moon Academy. He is a natural born werewolf, and was shipped to Full Moon Academy when he was 15. Wesley is part of "The Double Ws", which I will get to later.
Traits: Wesley is another smart guy, and, can be very secretive and mysterious at times. But, that's seriously only because he's a "Double W". He is directed toward literature and poetry, instead of art.
Appearance: Wesley is supposed to look secretive, and mysterious, as I stated before. His hair is supposed to be brown, almost black. His wolf form has brown fur.
Jack Andrews: Jack Andrews is a nightling, meaning that he was bitten, not born a werewolf, and he is a newcomer to the werewolf pack. Jack is also apart of "The Double Ws", and although he is a jokester, he knows a lot of things about his kind.
Traits: Jack is like the "Dez" and the "Rory" in the group, he is always not-serious, and a jokester. He isn't really directed toward any subject. He also is the only person who can decode secret messages, that being because he was raised by his grandma.
Appearance: Jack is supposed to have red hair, and look really weak. His wolf-form has red fur.
Christopher Hochlin: Christopher Hochlin is a co-leader on The Double Ws. He is a nightling, but never told that to any of wolf members. Christopher's parents shipped him to Full Moon Academy, not knowing it is a werewolf school, when he was 16.
Traits: Christopher is heartless, like Shayla, and only cares about how much power he gets and himself. He, unlike the others, is very snobby, only because he grew up in a snobby household.
Appearance: Christopher looks very formal, and sophisticated. His werewolf form makes him look like a grey wolf, because his hair is a mix of brown and black.
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To read the synopsis, click here!

Violette Fitzgerald: Violette Fitzgerald is a main character on Full Moon Academy. She was bitten by a wolf when she was eleven. When she was 16, she sent in an application to "Full Moon Academy", and when she was 18, she was accepted. But, she isn't aware that the school is for werewolves.
Traits: Violette is smart, like, really smart. And, she also is very gulluble and kind. But, she isn't afraid to a speak her mind when needed. She also has very artistic mind.
Appearance: Violette is supposed to have brown hair, and look like an average 18-year-old. Her wolf form has brown fur.
Jackie Andrews: Jackie is Jack's twin sister, and also is a nightling. She is one of the head leaders of "The Double Ws", along with Shayla & Christopher, but I'll get to them later. Jackie has been apart of the academy since she was 15.
Traits: Jackie has that "I don't care about anything" attitude towards everything. Kind of like Briannna from BAS. She is also very independent, but cares deeply about everyone.
Appearance: Jackie is meant to look very "rebel-y", and of course, the red hair. Her wolf form has red fur. (I am really, really hoping for TJ Martin, but, Idk. :p)
Shayla Reign: Shayla Reign is the leader of her wolf pack, The Double Ws. She is a natural born werewolf, and has been attending the academy since she was 14. She co-owns the pack with Christopher & Jackie.
Traits: Shayla is very independent, and has a lot of anger issues. She is also very heartless and cold.
Appearance: Shayla has blonde hair, and her werewolf form has white fur. She looks very "rebel-y" like Jackie.
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Real - Casting Call (Males)

Hey guys! Im auditioning for my first every ADN series, Real! All information is here.

Charlie Munn
Physical Description: Actor can be any age, but must look like a teenager.
Character Description: Charlie is an all star athlete and only keeps up passing grades to stay on the track team. He is good looking, and you often see the girls who hang out with Becca flaunt over him, although shes not really into him. Hes kind of a jerk to everyone in the school, and is on Carter's side when he provokes Becca to punch him. He is in a gang, Northshore, which is run by Evergreen, a man he despises. He tries to keep his gang life a secret from the people at school, but that isnt as easy as it sounds. He has a little brother, Teddy, that he would do anything for, including murdering someone.
Alex Kemp
Physical Description: Actor can be any age, but must look like a teenager.
Character Description: Alex is an extremely smart kid who comes from an extremely strict, sophisticated family. He is gay, but hides it from everyone, especially in his family, the most homophobic and unforgiving people he knows.. He is extremely smart, but isn't like a geek, and he wont spend all of his time in front of a computer screen gaming, instead he uses his smarts for engineering and mechanical building. He also has a small crush on 25 year old teacher, Mr. Klark.
Howard White
Physical Description: Actor can be any age, but must look like a teenager.
Character Description: Howard is a fellow gang member and track runner to Charlie. He is a drug dealer, Riley's dealer. He tends to pay attention to everyone in school, and knows their inner demons, but cannot seem to figure Becca out, especially with the walls around her heart.
Andrew Klark (Mr. Klark)
Physical Description: Needs to look like a young adult, I'm aiming for 25 years old.
Character Description: Mr. Klark is a 25 year old teacher that makes all the girls and Alex obsessed with his looks. He is a P.E. teacher, and although he's got good looks and a good body, he is very self-conscious. He is a bisexual man, and is instantly attracted to Ex, even though he manages to keep himself under raps.
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Real - Castting Call (Females)

Alright peeps, I'm casting for my first ever series on this network! information on what the series is about is here!

Becca Boyd
Physical Description: Actor must look like they can be a teenager.
Character Description: Becca is a all black rebel girl who does what she wants, when she wants it. She is known for walking out of class when she wants, flipping off the principal, and there is even a rumor going around that she is illegally prize fighting. She however, suffers from Clinical Depression (she cuts herself) and it started after her mom, the only person she ever got close to, left her and her dad. She is cold and dark, and keeps to herself so no one finds out.
Notes: She needs to be a tough girl, she doesn't exactly have to look like it though, she just can't look overly peppy or anything.
Riley Dawson
Physical Description: Actor must look like a teenager.
Character Description: Riley is second in command to the girl who runs the school. Riley tries to make herself seem expensive and snotty, but she lives with a single mother who is always either drunk or crying over her father's ashes. She often gets drugs from a guy named Howard, who is also known for gang trouble. She often is at Club 8 (the only one that serves alcohol to someone under 21) and she is known for always having one night stands.
Notes: She has to look like a generally positive person, and she has to have streaking confidence.
Anya Day
Physical Description: Actor must look like a teenager.
Character Description: Anya is the queen bee, and you either hate her or want to be her. She is beautiful, a little dim-witted, and voted "Most Likely To Become a Hollywood Star" in their class favorites every single year, even though they were only for upperclassmen. Like everyone, she has secrets, and no one knows that she has to give herself up just to have enough money to support herself.
Notes: Anya must look like a confident person, like Riley, but she looks a lot less happy then her.
Destiny Carroll (Mrs. Carroll)
Physical Description:An older woman. Anywhere between late 30's and early 50's.
Character Description: Alex, Riley, Becca, and Charlie's English teacher. A smart woman with a huge smile, Mrs. Carroll has a firm belief that students always make the best of lifer in a trusting environment, so she assigns a trust activity project to her students each year. She is nice, but very strict. She is described as a sweet lady with an iron fist.
Notes: Everything is said above :).
So ya! Sign up your actors!
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Private Eyes- Casting Call

My series was recently approved, so here is the list of characters you can audition your actors for!
Ophelia Bryant- Ophelia Bryant is a 24 year old detective living in Chicago. Her partner is Elise Cannon. Ophelia is kind of sarcastic, bitter, and tough as nails, which makes her a good detective. She seems a bit cold and heartless, but very emotional due to an incident that happened when she was a teen.
Elise Cannon- Elise Cannon is a 24 year old detective and Ophelia's partner. Elise seems like a kind hearted person, but she will always be rude and demanding when it comes to her job. At the start of the series, Elise tries really hard to become Ophelia's friend, which always ends up with Ophelia, which always ended up with Ophelia making harsh comments. However, the two eventually become close friends.
Jeffrey Danes- Jeffery Danes is the captain of the detective unit. He is tough on works with, but he always seems to look out for them. I picture him to be abou 35-40, so.. yeah.
James McCarter- James McCarter is a 26 year old detective. He has this joking attitude and tries making jokies about everything, which annoys Ophelia (and basically everyone), and he often insults the girls, especially whenever they do something wrong.
Miranda Holland- Miranda Holland is James's partner. She is 30 years old, and often tries to take over on everything. James happens to be very afraid of her, even though they have to work together. She often tries to take cases from Ophelia and Elise, which annoys basically everyone. However, Miranda does have some moments where she's very kind.
Janice Greene- Janice is the medical exaimer at the lab. She's about 40. She is kind to everyone there, and Ophelia sees her as the mother she never had.
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