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hey fellow memes
aka the admins
we kind of totally need an admin meeting because this wiki is dead af and i kind of wish it wasnt and we need to do something about it 
so you guys should totally post when you're available so we can plan this yo
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new wiki (help would be greatly appreciated)
check it out children
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that is what this wikia is.
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Renovating! (Editing, Pages, Templates, etc.)

Hello my fellow After Dark Network Wikians! Sam here.
Okay, so, I just wanted to announce that the Wiki is about to be renovated/go under construction. And who will be doing the renovating? Myself of course!
So that means:

A new main page that I think fits the channel better than the past main pages.
Brand new templates!
Editing most of the actor pages to match the preffered layout.
And more! I just wanted to tell y'all that.
♥Sam♥ 20:43, September 17, 2015 (UTC)
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Hey Upper East Siders. Gossip Girl here, and I have the biggest news ever.
Okay. I technically don't. I just wanted to make a reference to Gossip Girl.
But anyways...
So, apparently, One Direction's new album is supposed to release tonight at midnight and I'm supposed to go all Gossip Girl and be waking people up to buy the album. And I'm supposed to wake up this girl on Wattpad.
And I'm an "hour behind her timezone"?
WHAT DOES HOUR BEHIND MEAN? Does it mean after? Or before? I'm confused. Ugh. >_<
I need y'all's help on this.
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Am I Blind Or...?

Am I blind or was the logo always purple? Hmph. :/
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Hey, guys! As you may or may not have noticed, I am not exactly as dedicated as I could be to this wiki. I wanted to let you know that I won't be an active member of this wiki, so you can have my actor(s?) if you'd like. I still will drop by to look at your awesome shows, of course, and I will most likely still reply to stuff on my message wall. Thanks :)
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Drawing! Wooh!

So I'm working on this drawing that I'm gonna put on this page that has the creators of ADN on it.
Idk what yall look like so i might get you guys wrong but yeah ill post the drawing later. :P
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Teen Liars

Hi guys! So I recently wrote a fanfic on wattpad (with a terrible name) called "Teen Liars" which is a crossover between Teen Wolf and PLL and I would love it if you guys checked it out! :D
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Hey! Is this wiki like Wiki Channel?
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Lonely Hearts Club

yeahh, so, I'm writing this story on Wattpad. Not sure how to explain it, but here's what I put as the story description: "Welcome to the Lonely Hearts Club. The club consists of four college girls who have given up on love completely.
Meet Rachel, the musician with anger issues.
Meet Laura, the open minded with trust problems.
Meet Allison, the rebellious with depression.
and Meet Marina, the honest who falls in love too easily."
It kind of sucks, but if you want to read it, then here:
(give feedback if you want idc)
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I'm In Chat

Like on the Wiki Channel. Post here if you're on chat. Cuz why not?
I'm in chat right now!
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Real/Group #4

Hey guys! To make the series more visual, I decided to make a wattpad story based on the series! You can read it here:
(Also you an follow me and vote and comment on my other story and this one that would be fabulous thanks)
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Hey! I just wanted to tell you guys to add the Actor Infoboxes to your actor pages! The code is "ActorInfobox".
One can be seen here:
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