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Sorting Schedule?

We don't really have many shows here but we still need to figure out some "schedule".
So, OLC premiered back in July and we haven't really figured out it's normal episode schedule. I was thinking maybe it could premiere it's episodes weekly on Wednesday.
Private Eyes premieres in 3 days (Sept. 9) so we should figure out it's normal schedule. Maybe it could premiere it's episodes on Thursdays?
Group 4 hasn't released it's air date yet except for the possible month it will premiere in, so I don't think we have to worry about it yet.
What do you think?
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More Scary

I think you guys should be pitching series more darker like people dying in few episodes every season. Because this is the Dark Network of the Wiki Channel. What do you think?
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Admin Meetings.

Calling all admins!
Hello! Seeing as that the wiki isn't "set up" and such, maybe we could host "Admin Meetings" to discuss how to make the wiki more organized and what to put on the guide pages and stuff like that.
What do the rest of the admins think?
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Presidents & Stuff.

Hey! It's Sam! (AKA Josey. Just call me Sam now, since it's my name. 😛)
So, my mind has been thinking. Should we have presidents? Like, show, programming, actors, etcetera, etcetera. It could make the Wikia a bit more organized. But, what do you guys think?
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After Dark Mag

Heylola! I have an idea. Or suggestion. :p
So, you know how on the Wiki Channel, they have weebleys? I was thinking we could have something like that, but instead it could be a magazine! It would be called "After Dark Mag", unless someone has a better idea, and it would feature all the news on the channel for that month!
And, I would probably make the magazine covers. :p
What do you guys think? :p
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