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• 9/3/2016

Quisedon High

A show about high school with a lot of plots. Probably 1 hour episodes. And the cast will feature a lot of members. This will be drama. If it had a rating it would be TV-14
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• 7/11/2016

Getting Rid of the Label

ok so
i wanna get rid of the label
because i kind of think it's a little unnecessary? even if i came up with it. anyway -- i think adn should only focus on like shows and movies and stuff like that and bringing music into it wouldnt make much sense
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• 7/10/2016


hey fellow memes
aka the admins
we kind of totally need an admin meeting because this wiki is dead af and i kind of wish it wasnt and we need to do something about it 
so you guys should totally post when you're available so we can plan this yo
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• 6/25/2016

The Rise of Yasamin - EF Spinoff/Prequel

"the rise of yasamin" is pretty self-explanatory, but if you can't figure it out by the title of the thread, then i guess i gotta explain.
so "the rise of yasamin" is the spinoff/prequel to EF (like better call saul). it'll take place six years prior to the events that happened in edgewater falls, yno, before she died for real. it'll explain her past life, and answer the fan's unanswered questions about her (like what her real name is, why she chose her psuedonym, if she had any romantic partners prior to lorenzo and ashton, why she became a benefactor in the first place, stuff like that). basically will unfold how she rose to become the greatest money queenpin edgewater falls/california ever saw. and i think the show will be pretty cool because it'll show a lot more villain!yasamin and queenpins/kingpins are incredibly fun to write. just as vince gillian.
okay anyways -- the show will feature the howards/graysons, and answer a lot more questions about those families as well, like where the hell the other graysons are, and why the howards are so freaking shady. + i will bring in the goodmans as well because they're a family of lawyers and yasamin's gonna need someone to defend her if she ever gets caught. and new characters as well! bcs didn't just have saul and mike.

yasamin zych-walker / shannon sandoval: yikes! this girl had a rly terrible life, but like who hasn't in ef. so basically her family ran this company called sandoval institute of research and technology and it focused on scientific research that earned millions and millions of dollars. everything was okay until one day when her parents allowed her to work their as an assistant for some scientist and someone held her family at gun point and when the guy saw yasamin (or shannon idk) reaching for a weapon or whatever he shot all her family members and that sort of ruined her forever. so like after the funeral and stuff she is left the company to manage with people there (like management or whaever) to help her with decision making and stuff and she kind of struggles with that a lot. i mean she just witnessed her family die and now she has to make decisions that might screw up the entire company and yno sith happens. so a couple years later (three years) (aka where it takes place) the compnay is doing v well and yasamin is like twenty-four and yet is still one of the richest people in california and she makes a negotiation with another company bUT THAT GOES TO SHIT AND THE COMPANY ENDS UP LOSING ALMOST ALL OF THEIR MONEY AND THAT WAS EXACTLY WHAT SHE WAS AFRAID OF AND SHIT SHE NEEDS TO FIND ANOTHER WAY TO MAKE MONEY RIGHT so she turns to the dark web rip and becomes a mercenary and she makes a lot of money but instead of using it for herself she uses it for the company and i guess she gets overwhelmed and becomes a benefactor and she's like a major money queenpin now but everything isnt fun and games bc the police is like on her ass about who this "yzw" person and why people are continuously getting killed bc of said person and like i said before SITH HAPPENS (also romantic partners and betrayal yay)
(i'll add the rest of the characters later cause im like way lazy to write them rn lmao)
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• 6/5/2016

Actor: Allen Odenkirk

Name: Allen Odenkirk
Gender: Male
Birthday and Age: August 27, 1989. Age 26.
Description: Allen Odenkirk is an American actor. He is best known for portraying Jesse Pinkman in the AMC series Breaking Bad. Since 2014, he has been the voice of Todd Chavez on the Netflix animated series BoJack Horseman, on which he is also an executive producer.
Look-A-Like: Aaron Paul
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• 5/17/2016

Lore - Series Pitch

Lore follows the life of Sebastian "Sebby" Josephs, a college senior who's had a pretty tough past. When he realizes that he'll get kicked out of college because he doesn't have the money to pay the fee, he tries to look for a job and stumbles upon a job opening at his local radio station that plays good money. He ends up getting the job, and his podcast does pretty well. One day, a guy that works at the radio station and a fellow college student (a freshman) told him that what he was talking about in his podcast was true. Of course, Sebby did start obsessing over the Supernatural because he thought it killed his parents, but he doesn't really believe in things like Lycanthropy or Witches. But, when he and the guy are almost mauled by a wolf with glowing eyes, they both make a point to figure out what their town is hiding as Sebby makes podcasts about his findings. Even though they aren't really fond of each other, and the supernatural is making them become friends.
Or: The story of how two college students became best friends because of a podcast dedicated to the supernatural.

Sebastian "Sebby" Josephs - Sebby is a college senior who's grown up with a pretty crappy life. When he was six, his mother was killed and his father was arrested for it, even though Sebby knew he knew his father didn't have anything to do with it. He grew up in different foster care systems, but none of them actually made him a priorty, almost as if they didn't care. So, when he was fifteen, he ran away and was taken in by a nurse who worked at the hospital. It was as if the world didn't want him to have a family, and someone -- something-- ended up murdering them all. He managed to fill out all the paperwork to allow him to have his own apartment before he was eighteen, and learned to live with the fact that he had no-one. The occasional hook up and one week relationship here and there, but that was it. He lost everybody, and he suspected it was the supernatural's causing, becoming obsessed with it. Now, he's a college senior, and in a bit of a financial issue. He creates a podcast called 'Lore' that gives people insight on the origin of a certain supernatural species/phenomenon that does pretty well. After learning that the supernatural is real thanks to help of Mason Corduroy, he is forced to spend his life with him, even though he really isn't fond of him. Sebby is unsteady, has a poor sense of humor, falls in love easily, gets blinded by his anger, doesn't trust a lot of people, believes he can take care of himself, cares about the people he loves, is lonely, and is depressed.
Mason Corduroy: Mason, like Sebby, lost his family to something that he believes was something out of the supernatural world. Most of his remaining family members blame him for the deaths of the family, for reasons he is not really aware of. But, he's learned to live with it, although he does like to spend most of his time outside of his home. Mason is a college freshman, and has a job at the radio station Sebby works at. After he finds out what Sebby's podcast is about, all he wants to do is to tell Sebby that all he's talking about is true. The two grow close after a wolf with glowing eyes attempted to kill them, proving that Lycanthropy may be legit. Mason is awkward, an outsider, selfless, super gay, has a hard time concentrating, has trouble trusting people, blames himself for the death of his family, and is a hardcore believer in the supernatural. (lowkey want tom holland to play him ok)
(This was inspired by the Spotify podcast of the same name.)
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• 5/10/2016

Legend - Movie Pitch

(Major thanks to Wikipedia for supplying me with the rundown and the character descriptions!)

The Republic, a country created after the United States on the coast of California, is split in sectors. Every year the Republic hosts the trials to see who trains to enter the army (to fight a war against the Colonies) or to become a part of the work force. As the scores range from failing to passing only one person in the Republic stands to hold the highest score, 1500. June Iparis, the Republic's prodigy.
Day, the Republic's fifteen-year-old most wanted criminal, breaks into Los Angeles Central Hospital in hopes of stealing a cure for the plague that threatens his family. While escaping the hospital, Day loses the pendant his father gave him and allegedly kills Metias Iparis, June Iparis' beloved brother.
June, the fifteen-year-old prodigy, is chosen to find and capture Day, who is charged with the murder of Metias Iparis (June's older brother), among other crimes against the country. Though she was born into an elite family in one of the wealthiest districts in the Republic, known as the Ruby Sector, which is part of the gem sectors, June poses as a girl from the slums in order to search for Day, coincidentally collecting Day's fallen pendant as she observes the crime scene. When attempting to lure Day by pretending to be a merchant with a plague cure that doesn't work, June decides to look for Day herself.
After getting injured in a 'Skiz' fight, June is circumstantially taken into the care of Day and his young partner in crime and only friend, Tess. Day then kisses June in an alley while being in a half-drunk condition due to the wine he was drinking. But still, he felt affection for June. June turns him over to the Republic once she figures out that her saviour was indeed Day, the criminal that her commissioner sent her to arrest.
The next morning, military medical trucks and soldiers surround Day's home. As Day rushes to save his family, June follows him, but the military captures Day's family, forcing Day out of hiding. He tries to resist capture, but Thomas, Metias' and June's close friend, shoots Day's mother under order, killing her. Day reacts by trying to kill the soldiers in vain. Commander Jameson, June's commanding officer, shoots Day in the leg, injuring him gravely for the rest of the novel.
Day wakes as a captive of the Republic. After June returns from her mission, Thomas starts pursuing her romantically. Day is questioned by June, Commander Jameson, and eventually Thomas, who has a personal hatred for Day because he kissed June.
The more Day speaks with June, the closer they grow and the more they come to understand each other. She finally researches Day's real identity - Daniel Altan Wing - and discovers he scored a perfect score of 1500 on his Trial, just as she did. The authorities have told Day that he had failed his Trial, which is what Day has come to believe. While June was moved into a prestigious program because of her high Trial score, Day was experimented on and abandoned, supposedly dead like the others who failed their Trial.
Day confesses that he did not kill Metias but had only injured him by throwing a knife into his shoulder.
June seeks out Kaede, who is the one who injured June in the "Skiz" fight and one of the Patriots, a group of anti-Republic rebels. She finds that Tess has taken refuge with them after Day is taken by the Republic. June negotiates with the Patriots for their help, freeing Day on the morning of his execution. The plan does not perfectly execute, as Commander Jameson moved up the execution time, and Day's older brother John sacrifices himself by posing at the execution as Day so June and Day can escape.
Three days later, June and Day take shelter in an old train car and plan to go to Las Vegas, where the Patriots are, so they can check on Tess before heading out to find Day's little brother Eden, who has been infected with the plague and has now been taken by the Republic for experimentation. Day also explains why he chose his nickname, saying that everything happens each day, and that everything can be possible the next day. "'You try to walk in the light.'"

June Iparis, a fifteen-year-old prodigy who scored a perfect 1500 on her Trial, the Republic's mandatory test system. Born into an elite Republic family, her parents were mysteriously killed in a car crash, leaving Metias, her older brother, to care for her. When Metias is murdered and Day is the prime suspect, June sets out to find him but ends up falling in love with Day. Her first encounter with Day was a ruse to find out his true identity, only seeking revenge for her brother's death. She is extremely analytical and smart, able to keenly survive on the streets, and a bit of an uptight person. She has long, dark brown hair usually tied back in a high ponytail. She has dark brown eyes with golden flecks in them.
Daniel 'Day' Altan Wing, a fifteen-year-old rebellious criminal born in the slums of the Republic. Day is the Republic's most-wanted criminal and the prime suspect of Metias's murder. He is a mix between Mongolian/Caucasian with long, light blond hair and luminous baby blue eyes. He has a limp in his left leg and an "imperfection" (a lighter patch of blue) in one eye from when the Republic experimented on him. Day is described as being extremely agile, even more so than June. He, like June, is confident and stubborn. He also scored a perfect 1500 during his Trial, but was lied to from the Republic, being told he scored 674 (45%).
Metias Iparis, June's older brother. Metias is murdered one night while guarding plague medicine. It is eventually revealed that Metias knew he would be killed by the Republic for uncovering a conspiracy. He was twenty-seven when he died. It is later revealed in the book that his best friend Thomas had killed him.
Thomas Bryant, Metias's friend who is infatuated with June and has a special hatred of Day, because June had kissed Day.
Eden Bataar Wing, Day's ten-year-old brother who is infected with a mutated version of the plague and is used by the Republic as a biological weapon in the war against the colonies. Day describes him as acting like a 'little engineer.'
John Suren Wing, Day's nineteen-year-old brother, who looks very similar to him. At the opening of Legend, he is the only person from Day's old life who knew he was still alive. He is killed by the Republic's firing squad in a sacrifice to save both Day and June in a life-threatening situation.
Commander Jameson, June's hardcore military commander and sort of another parent to June, being that June's brother and parents are dead. She is sadistic and commands Thomas to murder both Metias and Day's mother.
Tess, Day's thirteen-year-old partner in crime and caretaker. Tess was abandoned by her parents and taken in by Day when she was only ten. She is described as having tan skin, large brown eyes, and reddish hair. She goes missing after Day is taken into custody by June, but is later discovered to have joined the Patriots.
Chian, June and Day's Trial administrator. Metias once shadowed him.
Grace Wing, Day's mother. Thomas is ordered by Commander Jameson to shoot Day's mother in the head during the raid on the Wings' home.
Taylor Arslan Wing, Day's father. It is stated that he was killed before the events of Legend. In the book it also states that Day's father cleaned up after the war front soldiers. Before he died he gave Day a pendant. Inside was a coin from the United States before it became the Republic.
Michael and Nadia Iparis, June's parents. The Republic tells June that they died in a car accident when she was young, but it was actually the government that killed them for knowing too much about the plague and what really happens.
Kaede, A Patriot known to be involved in 'Skiz' fights (illegal fights. June and Kaede fight one of these around the beginning of the story). She is known to play 'dirty,' like using her knife during her fight with June. She helps Day and June escape Batalla Hall after June pays her a large sum of Republic Notes (Republic currency).
Ollie, June's loyal dog who helps comfort her through the tragic period of Metias's death. June is forced to leave him behind when she escapes with Day. Ollie is described as being a white sheepdog that can only track at a close range.
this is based off the book legend, written by the talented author, marie lu. in the spirit of me finishing prodigy (the second novel in the legend series), i decided to pitch a movie based on this incredible novel. i'm hoping this will get picked up.
also, i'm not sure if this is actually getting picked up in real life, so . . .
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• 4/22/2016

new wiki (help would be greatly appreciated)
check it out children
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• 3/30/2016

Actor Transisition

Name: Darren Howe
Gender: Male
Birthday and Age: August 12,1992
Description: Darren loves t act because he has been doing it for 14 years. He likes drama and comedy shows. His likes to give out to charity in his spare and maybe score a role or two while doing it. He is always looking for more opportunities and chances to be the best he can be.
Look A Like: Tyler James Williams
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• 2/20/2016

One Last Chance - Season 2

Okay! Since Sam and I are hoping to revive ADN, here's the official pitch for Season 2 of One Last Chance!
Season 1 ended back on December 31st with the two-part "Solution" and "Endings". Starting back in episode 4 ("Danger"), Season 1 has been building up to a big reveal surrounding Thomas and Tamra's dad, Tamra herself, a ghost named Gene Illia Berth, and a guy named Nicholas. I've been keeping these secrets under wraps, but seeing as they were technically revealed when the episode "aired" two months ago, I guess there's no reason for me not to reveal them now. Particularly since they're related directly to the plot of Season 2.
So here's the deal. Nicholas has powers involving ghosts. When these powers are first revealed in "Solution", they are completely different from Victor's - he can actually control the actions of ghosts, and curse them to remain on earth forever (hence Gene and Tamra). He has something against Victor (which still isn't revealed ;) ) and is using these powers, as well as manipulating Mr. James with the secret of Mr. James' murderous past, to attempt to get to Victor. Gene, having been cursed by Nicholas but trying to avoid him, is simply trying to help Victor find out Nicholas's true intentions, but due to her nature decides to do it in the most fun way possible (which, for her, is to present it as a puzzle). So she's not really evil, but she's not the nicest person ever.
Nicholas eventually kills Mr. James (in "Merry") once he becomes useless, but manages to avoid getting caught by using his powers to force Tamra to do so (but she doesn't remember this). She ends up sacrificing herself to destroy him in "Endings", killing him and casting his own curse on his ghost while sending her to fates unknown (yay more secrets).
When we see Victor again in Season 2, he is working on a way to break Nicholas's curse to free Gene and many other ghosts that Nicholas has trapped on Earth, as well as trying to find out what happened to Tamra. Then also there will be various episodes featuring the original, more basic plot of Victor helping various ghosts finish their business and deal with his own drama with John and Lisa.
Nicholas's ghost will be a recurring character throughout Season 2, and through him we discover not only what grudge he holds against Victor, but also that his powers are identical to Victor's - Victor has the power to do everything Nicholas did, but isn't using his powers to their full potential. Nicholas uses this against Victor, taunting him constantly and trying to convince him to use his more powerful and deadly powers to his advantage.
Um, that's about it. Thoughts?
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• 2/20/2016

Gaining the Rights to EF

If you haven't already heard, Edgewater Falls (my first ever show on Wiki Channel) is coming to a close, ending after it's first season. Throughout the break, I've developed a brand new storyline for it and it might be a little too mature to showcase on Wiki Channel.
I was thinking of having ADN gain the rights to remake Edgewater Falls with a semi-similar storyline, but somehow completely different at the same time. Also meant for more mature audiences. I'm not saying that it should start production right after it ends, because that would be unrealistic, but maybe a couple months after it ends? Idk.
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• 1/16/2016


that is what this wikia is.
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• 12/24/2015

Actress: Alison Avalon

Name: Alison Avalon
Gender: Female
Birthday and Age: February 6, 1995 (She would be...19, correct?)
Description: Alison Marie Avalon (born February 6, 1995) is an American actress. She was best known for her role as The Huntress in the TV series Hex.
Look-A-Like: Crystal Reed
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• 11/28/2015

Actress: Erin Genevieve

Name: Erin Genevieve
Gender: Female
Birthday and Age: May 17, 1986. Age 29.
Description: Erin Genevieve is an American actress best known for her role in "After Ever After", where she played insane Cinderella.
Look-A-Like: Erin Richards
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• 11/11/2015

TBA - Series Pitch

I'm thinking of doing a series here since there are not many shows like Wiki Channel so...
PLOT: Brandon is in his 30's and hasn't married anyone yet until he saved a lone woman, Angie Heffley from drowning in the sea. Angie and Brandon have to find Angie's preteen son, Lucas because he disappeared when he was 1 but it turns out Lucas is Brandon's sister, Emillia's adopted son but they don't know that except Emillia.

ANGIE HEFFLEY: She's 27 years-old, she's serious about everything, cares for her family and would never harm anyone. She owns a dressing store and likes fashion dresses, reading books and loves sitting in a cafe and watching people come and go.
BRANDON HILLS: He's 33 years-old, he's not serious about anything, he's confident and cares for his family and could harm anyone.
LUCAS HEFFLEY: He's 11 years-old, he's a kid, loves watching horror films and series and loves playing zombie video games. He's confident, scared and a smart kid that always gets good grades on his exams.
EMILLIA HILLS: She's 28 years-old, she's a woman, hates video games, shy, watches Downton Abbey and is that kind of women that are serious about everything especcially family and her job.
What do you think?
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• 11/7/2015

ACTOR: Chester Pippin

Name: Chester Pippin
Gender: Male
Birthday and Age: September 9th, 1965
Description: An adult actor who is known for playing the dad on the Wiki Channel series In Due Time.
Look-A-Like: Chip Esten
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• 11/5/2015

Actor: Glenn Justin

Name: Glenn Justin
Gender: Male
Birthday and Age: April 20, 1980 (Age 35)
Description: Glenn Justin is a Korean-American Actor that loves acting, he started when he was 10 and now his acting career is growing more.
Look-A-Like: Steven Yeun
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• 11/4/2015

Series Pitch/Time Goes

Time Goes is a series about a family called the Andrews Family. It is about there life from 1990 to the present. First of all, it all started with a 30 year-old mother, Karen Andrews and her husband, Carson. Carson treats his family like maids and always hits his kids but he has a big secret, he kissed another girl, Pacifica while he was on vacation. Pacifica sends him a letter from where she lives, Texas to Chicago and now he's hiding the letter in a secret drawer in his cabinet. There is also their 4 kids, the oldest, Merle was the oldest and is 18 years-old, he's in high school and likes a girl, Riley and is getting closer to her when everyday but now Merle's biggest enemy, Billy is trying to steal Riley and sometimes Billy and Merle have fights and sometimes, They go to the Hospital because of the bloods (Just to make the series more darker). The second oldest was a girl, Sophia, she's 16 years-old and is an irresponsible teenage girl. She gets embarrased by her bro a lot and sometimes her brother catches her running away from school to go to parties. She falls for a rich, old man, Connor but she doesn't know if he's the right guy for her. The third oldest was Lyla, she is a responsible, great, smart girl. She and her best friend, Kyla are currently in the last year of Middle School and are going to High School next year. She's just focused on her schoolwork, no boys, no drama, nothing but then when she sees one boy, James. They both stare at each other a lot but another boy, Lewis gets in the way and now Lyla doesn't know who to choose. The youngest was a boy, Cameron, he is 3 years-old and is the youngest of the Andrews family. He currently is going through his kid life, he just cries and shouts in the house if he doesn't get what he wants. He narrates things he learned throughout the series. So tell me what you think and I know there are so many characters, that's what makes the series interesting and I'm thinking having 50 episodes that are 30-40 minutes. I chose the title "Time Goes" because throughout the series, you can notice that the characters are growing. And at the begging get of every series, like Season 1 takes place on 1990 and 1991. Season 2 takes place on 1995 and 1996. Season 3 takes place on 1999 and 2000. Season 4 takes place on 2004 and 2005 and Season 5 (finale season) takes place on 2009 and 2010.

Main Cast
Karen Andrews
Carson Andrews
Cameron Andrews
Merle Andrews
Sophia Andrews
Lyla Andrews
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• 11/3/2015

Actor: Peter McAndrews

Name: Peter Andrews
Birthday and Age: July 22nd, 1969 (Age 46)
Gender: Male
Description: Actor. (10/10 on my description skills)
Look-a-like: Oliver Hudson
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• 11/2/2015

OLC - More Roles

Okay I have more roles to cast! Yay!
The first one is one that's already appeared that it occurs to me I never cast. He's Mr. James (idk what his name is yet or if it'll ever be revealed), the father of Thomas and Tamra. So he should look like Marley Michele and James Alexander, and kind of old (he's the father of an 18 year old and a 16 year old, so somewhere in his mid 40s to early 50s). He's also one of the antagonists and is very important in the two-parter that aired last week, and in the climax of the season. Unlike the other antagonists though, he probably won't make it into the possible Season 2. (Dun dun dunnnnnn...)
The second one is Alyssa, who will be debuting in "Return" on the 16th. She's John's crush and, eventually, girlfriend. She's not as important as the previous roles I've cast, but she's very important to John's development going into the second season. She's rich and very beautiful, but also secretly very smart, despite acting dumb (I would love a blonde for this role). She should be around 18, the same age as Anthony Banner, since they're playing love interests.
The third role is Nicholas. I'm not sure how much of this role I want to tell you guys about, but let's just say he has a hugely important role to the backstory of the show, but we won't find out about it for awhile. He's a lot like Victor and some physical resemblances would be excellent. I don't have an exact age nailed down for him for... reasons, so just sign up some male actors for him. (Also, I suggest looking up "Coleman" if you're curious about his name.)
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